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17th International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies

The annual International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies is established in 1993 by Nobel Prize laureate Alexander Prokhorov, director of the General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (GPI).

ALT conferences are focused on the recent developments and advances in laser technologies and their applications.


The 17th ALT conference is organized by GPI together with Türkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) - Marmara Research Center (MRC), Kocaeli University - Laser Technologies Research and Application Center (LATARUM) (Turkey) and Moscow State University (Russia) and will follow this tradition.

The organizers of the ALT' 09 will make their best to provide perfect conditions for discussion and establishing contacts. Leading scientists are invited to give lectures, reviewing the latest achievements in their field of research

Key Topics

In addition to the traditional issues, as photonics, laser-matter interaction and nonlinear processes, applications of nano-, pico- and femtosecond lasers in materials science, nanotechnology, spectroscopy, etc. separate sessions focusing on

  • photonics
  • applications of lasers in material science
  • spectroscopy
  • laser-matter interaction and nonlinear processes
  • ultrashort laser technologies
  • medical and biomedical applications of lasers including THz lasers
  • solid state lasers and X-ray lasers and fiber lasers
  • laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • lasers in cultural heritage
  • laser atmosphere monitoring
  • photoacoustics

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